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[tweetmeme source=”cbyndas” only_single=false]Everyone has something, I have a garden, you know that project that never ends, the one that you love and hate at the same time. My garden started years ago when we decided to dig out the side of our house to “walk out” our basement. In the process we discovered a five foot bolder and the garden was born! Ten years later the bolder has become the anchor to 40 feet of bolder walls and close to an 1/8th of an acre of gardens. As any other gardener will know, the garden has a life of its own, things grow that should not, things that are “hardy” die, ah the mystery. More times than I can count the garden has taught me the fine line between Do It Yourself and Do It Yourself NOT. This summer while digging a two foot trench 22 feet long, necessary to run an electrical line to a new water feature, I thought this is a DIY-NOT project! It always looks a lot easier than it is.

At the end of digging that trench, it dawned on me, this is really the challenge of adult life. We are challenged to figure out when we should use a professional and when the Do IT Yourself method is the best choice. If you have the time, the energy, the knowledge and the right tools you can accomplish anything. The trick is to know when to leave it to the professionals, the ditch that took me several days (with help) to dig might have been done in an afternoon by the pro’s with the right equipment. Pro might have been the better way to go.

Career Agents are career development pro’s they have the tools the resources the knowledge to help a professional manage their career. Are there Do IT Yourself options, absolutely! But if confidentiality, speed, and quality are the focus you might think twice about posting your resume on Career Builder, Monster or the like. Doing so can lower your value in the market, as well as alert your current employer, not to mention current and potential clients to your job search.

Pro might be the right way to go.

Author: Charlotte Byndas

Charlotte A. Byndas started her career in the search industry in 1993 just as the industry was embracing the technology revolution that would change the very DNA of executive recruiting. In 1994 she lead efforts to automate one of the most successful franchise offices of Management Recruiters International, building their first contact management system and website. Over the next few years she successfully launched and managed several new recruiting companies servicing the IT, manufacturing, healthcare, IT, accounting, insurance, engineering, sales, and non-profit industries. In 2002 she turned her efforts toward helping individuals launch and build independently owned recruiting companies helping to close over $30 million system wide, earning her countless testimonials labeling her “recruiting ninja” and “recruiting “guru”. Launching Search Entrepreneurs Inc, and TheITRecruiters she helped develop the first anti-franchise model in the recruiting industry as well as an innovative "candidate first" approach to IT recruiting.

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