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Angry at the dirt?


Start with this pep talk from a friend of mine:

[tweetmeme source=”cbyndas” only_single=false]In a tight market there are moments when a service provider is going to feel beaten down by the market conditions.  The reality is there is a lot of opportunity in a market that is recovering.

To land more “deals”  you need to  move through and past many  situations that are low potential.  This is akin to mining for gold buried deep in a mountain.  So I  wonder what kind of miner are you? Are you the miner that spends your  time angry at the “dirt”  or the miner that is  excited  “just needing to move a little” (well maybe a lot) of dirt to find the gold?   My guess is that if you are the angry miner you are not closing many deals.    Fact is success  has nothing to do with the market;  but rather  has everything to do with your view of the market and if you are willing to move the dirt!

The gold is in “them there hills”.

If your  slipping into the “angry at the dirt” rut, don’t give up!   Make the following changes and you might find yourself loving your job as a miner.

Post Good Thoughts: Print and post positive messages on the wall in front of where you work.  Words are powerful; read what you post.  We need to constantly be filling our subconscious with positive messages.

Post Your Goals with Images: Why do you work?  What does being successful mean to you?  Vacation, house, car, time with family, hobbies, post pictures of these things in front of you, it will help you stay motivated.

Give yourself Rewards: Ever wonder why the instant lottery tickets give away so many $1 winners?  It is because we like to win prizes and we are willing to give to win.  Do this for yourself; when you accomplish small goals reward yourself with something small like a fancy coffee, slurpee, long lunch, cool new exercise socks.  Life needs to be fun, accomplishing goals and winning prizes is fun!

Author: Charlotte Byndas

Charlotte A. Byndas started her career in the search industry in 1993 just as the industry was embracing the technology revolution that would change the very DNA of executive recruiting. In 1994 she lead efforts to automate one of the most successful franchise offices of Management Recruiters International, building their first contact management system and website. Over the next few years she successfully launched and managed several new recruiting companies servicing the IT, manufacturing, healthcare, IT, accounting, insurance, engineering, sales, and non-profit industries. In 2002 she turned her efforts toward helping individuals launch and build independently owned recruiting companies helping to close over $30 million system wide, earning her countless testimonials labeling her “recruiting ninja” and “recruiting “guru”. Launching Search Entrepreneurs Inc, and TheITRecruiters she helped develop the first anti-franchise model in the recruiting industry as well as an innovative "candidate first" approach to IT recruiting.

3 thoughts on “Angry at the dirt?

  1. Charlotte:
    The timing of this email and video could not have been better. I was in the valley and needed a kick. Thanks for sharing a clip from one of my favorite motivational movies.
    My day is better and I feel that good. I think I’ll have lunch and put on my “exercise socks.”

  2. What a wonderful article Charlotte!! I have been a member of CAN now going on 5 years and we all need to hear things like this now and then. It HAS been a tough market. It HAS been a tough year, but it made me realize that you are right- you just have to pick yourself back up and keep on. I am still making placements and I am still here. When you get down, you need to reach out for help and don’t quit. I will keep this video and replay it when I have those days when I feel knocked down. Thanks, Charlotte! 🙂

  3. Well said Charlotte. I found this very motivating. It was almost like Rocky was speaking to me with the way the market has been over the last year or so.

    I am so grateful to you and CAN for providing me with such solid guidance and support as my business grows and flurishes. I am not sure I would have made it as far as I have without you.

    I, like Juli, am going to keep this video so I can replay it when I am feeling like I need a kick in the pants!

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