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3 Mistake to Avoid When Creating a Video Resume

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Short video introductions have become a popular addition to a traditional resume for Technology Professionals who are searching for new opportunities. Before you jump into the latest trend consider the importance of getting the video right, a bad video can hurt more than help.

Mistake #1:

Making the video longer than 2-3 minutes. Remember, if I am the recruiter reviewing your resume I don’t want to hear your life story I just want learn why I should spend time talking to you. Tell me what you can DO.

Mistake #2:

Sharing personal information. The video is your first impression, keep it focused on the professional side of you, that is what the recruiter/manager cares about first.

Mistake #3:

Letting the video introduction carry the whole process. While video resumes are weaving their place in the recruiting process they have NOT replaced traditional resumes. Some employers fearing discrimination issues won’t even look at a video, so make sure your cover letter and resume are as outstanding as your video.

Preparation Tips for Video Resumes:

• Dress as if you were going to a face to face interview.
• Keep your video resume short: one – three minutes.
• Talk to the camera, not your notes on the desk. Eye contact is important.
• Practice speaking slowly, try to relax and smile, imagine talking to a friend.
• Remove any clutter from behind where you are sitting.
• Practice, practice, and practice your presentation until it is comfortable.
• Introduce yourself by stating your name.
• Mention why you would be a good employee and what you can do for the company.
• Thank the viewer for considering you for employment.

A little inspiration to get you started:

Author: Charlotte Byndas

Charlotte A. Byndas started her career in the search industry in 1993 just as the industry was embracing the technology revolution that would change the very DNA of executive recruiting. In 1994 she lead efforts to automate one of the most successful franchise offices of Management Recruiters International, building their first contact management system and website. Over the next few years she successfully launched and managed several new recruiting companies servicing the IT, manufacturing, healthcare, IT, accounting, insurance, engineering, sales, and non-profit industries. In 2002 she turned her efforts toward helping individuals launch and build independently owned recruiting companies helping to close over $30 million system wide, earning her countless testimonials labeling her “recruiting ninja” and “recruiting “guru”. Launching Search Entrepreneurs Inc, and TheITRecruiters she helped develop the first anti-franchise model in the recruiting industry as well as an innovative "candidate first" approach to IT recruiting.

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