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[tweetmeme source=”cbyndas” only_single=false]As we slide into the holiday weekend, I am struck by the fact that I am blessed to be a part of something bigger.  I am an American, and living the American dream.
Memorial Day Soldier

  • I have food in my refrigerator, cloths on my back, roof over my head and a place to sleep, which makes me richer than 75% of the worlds population
  • The water from my kitchen sink is clean and refreshing to drink, I am luckier than 1.5 billion people in the world
  • I am free to attend church, or a political rally unlike over 3 billion people that risk harassment, arrest, torture or death for doing the same

As I reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day I think about being a part of something bigger, being a part of the American dream; one that has been provided and protected by those that have served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the dreams of every little gal just like me.

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