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Workplace Danger

Have you ever considered that the number one health risk you are facing right now is sitting in your chair? It may look innocent but if you spend too much time using it you could be on the path to a heart attack. Think you are dodging the bullet by working out before or after work, or doing TRI’s on the weekend? Think again, research shows that you still run the risk.

In our office we fight back against the “chair” by setting a reminder alarm at 50 minutes past every hour. When the alarm goes off we get up stretch, take a short walk and get the blood flowing again. Whoever invented the 7th inning stretch had a great idea!

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Race to the bottom/Kitchen sink offers

Just connected with the President of a small firm that is desperate to generate cash. He is running several promotions this month that “guarantee his service” and offer the  “kitchen sink”.  At the same time he is recruiting to expand his team and is trying to attract sales professionals that can help save the company.

Our group has seen this as weak companies work to fill sales positions offering big promises of future commissions and big pay offs when it is likely the entire company will be out to business in six months.

Job Seekers should be wary of these kinds of offers.   If you are considering a commission based role ask for the past 6 months closing history before you join the team.  If the group has not closed deals than it is likely that you are not going to get paid a dime for your efforts.   If they have a strong closed portfolio and have more of a pipeline than they can handle you might be in on a good deal.

Reminds me of an interesting phrase  “the race to the bottom”. I think I found a great example of that this morning.   As the economy continues to “adjust” we will all need to be extra careful about who we are partnering with or buying from since the “lowest price” offering might also represent the lowest value.

Remember if it is too good to be true, it is not true.

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Big Bucks…Bubble Baths…Balance

[tweetmeme source=”cbyndas” only_single=false]You might be asking how do high dollar projects (big bucks), bubble baths, and balance all relate to each other? It might not seem obvious until you take a closer look at the world of work from the eyes of someone caught in the swirl.

A fellow business owner friend of mine runs a very successful Michigan based business, started six years ago and is now a multi state operation. Two of his key goals when he launched his business was to have more control over his time, and the amount of time he traveled. A common set of goals for entrepreneurs, but what does this have to do with big bucks…bubble baths…and balance?

First let us look at the big bucks, this small business got what it was hoping for, a large project with millions in revenue on the line. Cha-ching! What could be better than this you ask? Well the project is out of state, not ideal, but the owner of this firm recruits a few good people to work off site and the deal is under way. At least that is what he thought. Several months into it, the project is blowing up and the only solution is for the business owner to join his team on site, out of state to work the project himself…now on to the bubble baths…

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