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Yesterday was filled with news of Steve Jobs and his surprise announcement that he was stepping down from his position. As the reaction hit the social media circles I found myself drawn to the video clips of Steve Jobs speeches. The one that really hit hard for was his commencement speech to the graduating class at Stanford. It really is a must watch for everyone.

I had two immediate reactions to watching the video. First that cancer really does suck and that it does not matter how famous, rich, or connected you are, cancer can get to anyone. Second that life is brief and that we are called to use our lives in positive ways.

The stories of famous people who are  fighters,  like Steve Jobs,  that fight valiant battles and share the details with the public  help shine  light on the disease and the devastating effect it has on families.  My  hope is that this attention aids in the fundraising efforts that fund the research efforts to find a cure for cancer.  At the same time I can’t help thinking about the ordinary people who also fight this battle.

Years ago I had the opportunity to partner with an entrepreneur (Lorie Brady) who had survived several battles with cancer. She has quite the story. How many of us could imagine dealing with cancer once, but could you imagine three or four times? This is Lorie’s story.   It  was impossible to work with Lorie and not be inspired like Steve Jobs  positive energy follows her everywhere she goes.  Matter of fact if you had not been told you would never know that she carried the burden of cancer on her shoulders.  She was one of the most upbeat, giving, supportive  people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Lorie writes about her journey with cancer at

I am inspired by the  stories and grateful that both Steve and Lorie have had the courage to share them.

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Life Sucks…the rest of the story

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Every day we hear of the negative, the bad, the misery that can be life’s story, just take look at todays headlines…

New Questions About Pope Benedict’s Role In Sex Scandal
Floods Swamp New England

If you run a business I guarantee you there will be days that “suck”; there is no way around it, this is life. In the past twelve months my team and I at Career Agents Network have provided support to business owners who have faced house fires, floods, cancer, heart attacks, deaths in their families, divorce you name it I have seen it take a toll on business owners.

True as it is that life at times can be less than easy…there is more to the story. There are the incredible stories of the resilience and ability for people to bounce back, especially entrepreneurs! For me it is more than amazing how many I know that bounce back from tremendous adversity. Especially note worthy are three of my entrepreneur “girlfriends”, two that have battled cancer, and one that lost her very young husband to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. All three had more than their fair share of challenges in 2009 and all have pulled through and are looking forward to a better year in 2010!

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