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Race to the bottom/Kitchen sink offers

Just connected with the President of a small firm that is desperate to generate cash. He is running several promotions this month that “guarantee his service” and offer the  “kitchen sink”.  At the same time he is recruiting to expand his team and is trying to attract sales professionals that can help save the company.

Our group has seen this as weak companies work to fill sales positions offering big promises of future commissions and big pay offs when it is likely the entire company will be out to business in six months.

Job Seekers should be wary of these kinds of offers.   If you are considering a commission based role ask for the past 6 months closing history before you join the team.  If the group has not closed deals than it is likely that you are not going to get paid a dime for your efforts.   If they have a strong closed portfolio and have more of a pipeline than they can handle you might be in on a good deal.

Reminds me of an interesting phrase  “the race to the bottom”. I think I found a great example of that this morning.   As the economy continues to “adjust” we will all need to be extra careful about who we are partnering with or buying from since the “lowest price” offering might also represent the lowest value.

Remember if it is too good to be true, it is not true.


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Yesterday was filled with news of Steve Jobs and his surprise announcement that he was stepping down from his position. As the reaction hit the social media circles I found myself drawn to the video clips of Steve Jobs speeches. The one that really hit hard for was his commencement speech to the graduating class at Stanford. It really is a must watch for everyone.

I had two immediate reactions to watching the video. First that cancer really does suck and that it does not matter how famous, rich, or connected you are, cancer can get to anyone. Second that life is brief and that we are called to use our lives in positive ways.

The stories of famous people who are  fighters,  like Steve Jobs,  that fight valiant battles and share the details with the public  help shine  light on the disease and the devastating effect it has on families.  My  hope is that this attention aids in the fundraising efforts that fund the research efforts to find a cure for cancer.  At the same time I can’t help thinking about the ordinary people who also fight this battle.

Years ago I had the opportunity to partner with an entrepreneur (Lorie Brady) who had survived several battles with cancer. She has quite the story. How many of us could imagine dealing with cancer once, but could you imagine three or four times? This is Lorie’s story.   It  was impossible to work with Lorie and not be inspired like Steve Jobs  positive energy follows her everywhere she goes.  Matter of fact if you had not been told you would never know that she carried the burden of cancer on her shoulders.  She was one of the most upbeat, giving, supportive  people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Lorie writes about her journey with cancer at

I am inspired by the  stories and grateful that both Steve and Lorie have had the courage to share them.

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Are you willing?

“If you’re willing to do for a year what others won’t, you can live for the rest of your life the way others can’t.” Author Unknown

This quote has been sticking in my mind for the past few weeks. Such a simple statement but so true as my teenaged kids say in RL (real life). Becoming something great (whatever that may be) requires that you do the things that others COULD do, but don’t.

Remember back to your third grade class, how many of your classmates went on to become doctors, lawyers, CPA’s or engineers. Maybe you did, but maybe you are like me and moved forward in life without those honors. Many of my friends invested the time and effort doing what the rest of us did not and now they have the credentials to prove it. They were not smarter, more talented, or blessed in ways that I was not they just did what I was not willing to do. BTW, I might argue that they would have been better off becoming sales professionals but I will save that thought for another post.

Stop and think about this for a moment, isn’t it exciting? The 10% edge that you are looking for rests right in your hands. All you need to do is identify where everyone else stops, and do those things. Equal opportunity here…. applies when you are in a job search, running a business, managing a group, or starting off your career.

My dad was my first example of this concept in action. He started off working in a factory attending engineering classes at night. Not much of a lifestyle, and not what most of us would choose. Five kids and years later he got that engineering degree, launching himself into a successful engineering career in the auto industry.

Embracing this concept is critically important in today’s economy. Turn off the news and partner up with those that are successful they will give you the clues of what you need to do to go the extra mile and find success.

Hoping that the next time we connect our conversation starts off this way….”I got to the successful outcome I was looking for because I was willing….”

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Dedicated to the great task…

In 1863 it was about the people.  In 2011 it is about the people.   The challenges, the players, the date on the calendar all have changed but the great moments in our history remind us that it always comes down to the people, this never changes. When was the last time you heard the words in this video clip, 4th grade?  Take a moment and listen to each one, for they are as important today as they were in 1863.

“Dedicated to the great task remaining before us”..Lincoln

The economy is slowly recovering and it is the courageous who are willing to take risks and dedicate their lives to creating opportunities that are leading the way.

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Sad Sally

Sad Sally…

A partner of mine was recruiting for a Denver based client and ran into this “sticky situation”.    The owners of the business had laid out a hiring plan, and included the entire team in the interview process wanting to be sure that they had  everyone’s  buy in when bringing on a new member. After an interview or two it became clear that one of the current employees was sending a less than positive message to the candidates which in turn had them concerned about the culture at this company.   There was a “Sad Sally” working for the client.

You know “Sad Sally” or maybe “Downer Dan” don’t you? They are the member of the team that for personal reasons is not happy with the company, their job, their manager, their clients…the list could go on and on. Matter of fact you might be working  next to a Sally or a Dan right now.

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The cost of happiness

How much money does it take to buy happiness?

A great question that people have been trying to answer for years. A recent study in INC Magazine seems to concur with the observations and thoughts of many

Money doesn't buy happiness?

Money doesn't buy happiness?

recruiting professionals.  The concurring thought is that money alone does not guarantee happiness.

The scientists cited in the study found that beyond the income of $75,000 there was little difference in the level of happiness that a person reported when asked to rate their level of happiness on an hourly basis.  [tweetmeme source=”cbyndas” only_single=false] Continue reading


Old dogs can learn new tricks!

[tweetmeme source=”cbyndas” only_single=false]Teaching an old dog new tricksWeekly we hear from professionals looking to enter the job market for the first time in years are concerned that their job search skills are a bit rusty. Considering the number of surveys that list job satisfaction at its lowest in 20+ years, this group of job seekers is sure to grow.  Are you one of these people, could you use a few good tips on how to follow the new “rules” for resume writing?  Check our list of “new tricks” that will guide you through the process!

Old Rule #1: Start your cover letter with Dear Sir or Madam….enclosed you will find… Continue reading