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Quality + Quantity = Winning Combination

Keep in mind when professionally managing a career move that quality and quantity both matter.

It is important to consistently measure the QUALITY of your job search. Obtaining a job offer is not the only measure of the quality of your search. Another test of quality is when hiring authorities say they want you but not now. That proves you are interviewing well and with the right target. (quality) There is an element of luck in any job search. If you maintain momentum (quantity) in your job search you will end up contacting the right person at the right time.

In real estate you probably have heard that it’s all about location. In a job search, your success is very dependent on timing. You will become more skilled at making connections that will help you professionally manage your career. Learning from your success as well as your failures. Be open to attending technical networking events both online and in person. Contribute when you can, the “give before you take rule” is alive and well.


Starting today, view yourself as a problem solver. During initial interviews/connections your goal is to build rapport and begin to form a relationship. Managers hire someone who is qualified but also hire individuals they like. Establishing rapport helps differentiate you from your competition. You want to do a better job of addressing the managers needs, coming up with solutions to problems, researching and showing more interest and more competence than your competition. When the technical manger is ready to hire, you want to be the person they contact.

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Pro the way to go?

[tweetmeme source=”cbyndas” only_single=false]Everyone has something, I have a garden, you know that project that never ends, the one that you love and hate at the same time. My garden started years ago when we decided to dig out the side of our house to “walk out” our basement. In the process we discovered a five foot bolder and the garden was born! Ten years later the bolder has become the anchor to 40 feet of bolder walls and close to an 1/8th of an acre of gardens. As any other gardener will know, the garden has a life of its own, things grow that should not, things that are “hardy” die, ah the mystery. More times than I can count the garden has taught me the fine line between Do It Yourself and Do It Yourself NOT. This summer while digging a two foot trench 22 feet long, necessary to run an electrical line to a new water feature, I thought this is a DIY-NOT project! It always looks a lot easier than it is.

At the end of digging that trench, it dawned on me, this is really the challenge of adult life. We are challenged to figure out when we should use a professional and when the Do IT Yourself method is the best choice. Continue reading