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I am guilty…

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Guilty!Guilty of believing…

  • That as Americans we have the freedom to choose our destiny
  • That people can learn new things, do new things, become new things, no matter their age
  • That  failure can happen, but that success is always possible
  • In the fact that we are 100% responsible for our lives
  • In the power of prayer
  • In the dreams of entrepreneurs
  • That  zero is the greatest number,  the perfect place to start
  • In people
  • That  adversity builds strength
  • That  nothing good comes easy or cheap
  • A dog can teach us a lot about true love
  • That is takes a village to raise a child, a troop to raise a boy

I am guilty how about you?

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Battle lines have been drawn. Pick your side..100,000 at stake

[tweetmeme source=”cbyndas” only_single=false]There is an epic battle brewing between “Melinda the Miserable” and “Dan the Determined” actively choosing whose side your on could cost you a hundred grand.

Let’s take a closer look.  In my professional circles I have contact with hundreds of small business owners on a regular basis.  One of my contacts (for the purpose of this conversation we will call her Melinda the Miserable) always sees the cup as half empty.  Each day she moans and complains that what others are giving her is not enough, her partners suck, vendor products don’t work, clients are too difficult to work with, the list goes on and on…Never are Melinda’s problems due to her; it is always everyone else who is at fault! It is not interesting that Melinda is miserable; it is interesting that Melinda has a goal in life to spread her misery to others.  Worse than H1N1, thru her words and actions, Melinda spreads her disease; this is where the battle begins. Continue reading